About us
· Are you looking for the right products to sell?
· Are you concerned about the safety of the products you purchased?
· Are you looking for a cost-effective factory to get your products?
· Would you like to improve the delivery time of your products from the factories?
· Are you concerned about the management of your Asian purchasing team?
If your Answer is yes to any or all of the questions above, this is your lucky day!
WinnerChoice was created to improve retail and e-commerce stores by searching for trendy products with high market appeal, improving product definition & design, choosing the best manufacturer for the product, developing intelligent strategies to sell them and successfully implementing delivery standards that are in conformity with clients’ demand. The recent advancement in e-commerce has increased the competitions of stores (both online and offline) in the procurement of products that will meet the needs of their customers fast, and selling these products rightly.  A strong desire to meet this need birthed WinnerChoice, and we have been in the business of giving life to retail chain stores and online businesses for the past 10+ years. Our vast experience has helped us make valuable connections Far East that aid in the production and procurement of high-quality non-food products, against the best market prices. Our stellar performance in the industry is made possible by a team of professionals dedicated to bringing market-useful and durable products that fosters satisfaction and trust in consumers.
We use the global online sales platform to analyze consumer's demand for products, combined with customers who have purchased the product and make a decision based on the results.  Given our desire to save the earth, we ensure that there is a supply-demand balance between the manufacturing industry and the consumers; so as to avoid excessive production that will be disposed as garbage and in the long run, cause negative impacts on nature. By doing this, we are able to maximize the sales value and manufacturing cost of our products.
At WinnerChoice we use an effective and industry-tested 5step plan, developed in the course of our 20year experience to meet our procurement goals and they are as follows:
1. Contact the source production factory, for a completely satisfactory product.
2. Establish a complete product data file.
3. Recommend that the factory prepare the corresponding inventory according to the plan.
4. Reasonably plan the procurement cycle and inventory quantity with our potential customer
5. Demand planned purchase quantity from the factory.
We have been able to stand the test of time in this industry because of our quality mode of operation and implementation.
1. Our products are consumer-recognized, and the factory is in large quantities
2. The source factory prepares the required materials or finished product inventory according to our specifications.
3. Our clients do not go through the pressure of large quantity of inventory and the pressure of capital turnover.
4. We implement consolidation cabinet Shipments, which significantly reduces the operating costs of logistics.
5. We are fully involved in the manufacturing and sales units, so as to implement a balanced supply and demand market model, reducing the risk of excess inventory in the sales industry.
Located in the Netherlands, WinnerChoice is dedicated to helping the world by contributing a percentage of our overall profit every year to the treatment of different children diseases. Our mission at WinnerChoice is to increase the quality of goods ordered by our clients, lowering the price and improving the delivery time; without child labor and environmental damage.
                              Your support is our achievement!


We are a commercial service company to enable any company worldwide on most products to get anything on time, served for free and have an under control quality with perfect prices.